Wax Warmer 400ml

Κεριέρα για Βάζο 400ml
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Instructions for use:

1. Remove the lid from the wax warmer.

2. Adjust the handle on the inner pot for easy handling.

3. Once the handle is sturdy, place wax inside the pot.

4. Turn the temperature control dial to the maximum setting 'MAX' (or '100 C') in order to melt the wax. This process takes approximately 45 minutes. The lid can be used in order to speed up the process. During the heating process, the indicator light will ON and OFF repeatedly for modulating the temperature of the heating element.

5. When the wax has melted, lower the temperature of the wax warmer by turning the temperature control dial to MED (60 C or 70 C). The device will automatically work when the temperature is lower than the temperature you selected, the light will be "ON", when the temperature is higher than the one you selected, the device will stop working, the light will be "OFF". This ensures the wax remains liquid but does not overheat.

6. Once you have finished using the wax warmer, turn the temperature control dial to the OFF position and remove the inner pot using the attached handle.

7. We recommend using a specialist wax cleaner to remove any excess wax from the device after use. For easy removal of wax, the pot should be slightly warm when cleaning.

8. When storing the wax warmer, ensure the lid is held on securely to prevent dust from getting inside.


Safety Instructions:

Do not use to store the wax warmer close to water or in an area where it could be immersed in water such as a bath or sink.

If the wax warmer is exposed to water, unplug the device immediately and do not touch or reach into the water.

As with all electrical devices, some parts of the device will still be live when the unit is turned off so always use caution.

Never operate the wax warmer if:

  • it has a damaged cord or plug
  • it is not functioning correctly
  • it has been dropped or damaged in any way
  • it has been exposed to water

Close supervision is required when using with or around children.

Keep the power cord away from heated surfaces.

Avoid hanging the cord over a counter, table or any surface that could allow it to be pulled on or tripped over unintentionally.

Ensure the wax warmer is unplugged after use and is allowed to fully cool prior to handing, cleaning or storing.

Use the wax warmer only for its intended purpose as described in the instruction manual.



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